5th Austria Osttirol Cup

Summer June 10th-12th 2022
€ 119 per person
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The Tournament

After the success of the last four editions, Torneigiovanili.com is pleased to present you once again the international tournament Austria Osttirol Cup which will be held between Sillian and Toblach. Hotels and mo-dern sports facilities immersed in the beautiful nature are at your disposal. The “Loacker Shop” factory outlet stocks the full range of the popular wafers and sweetness, and is waiting for you in Sillian as well. Come to Hochpustertal to conclude with your team and your family the sports season!

Friday, June 10th Teams arrival, registration, hotel check-in. Coach meeting and welcome drink. Opening ceremony with teams parade.
Saturday, June 11th Qualification matches.
Sunday, June 12th Finals for all categories. Awards ceremony. Departure
Team registration fee
starting from € 100

U9-U11 cat. € 100,00

U12-U17 cat. € 150,00

in Hostel HB
starting from € 119

Fee for person:

Multiple Room (3/4 beds): € 119,00

Double Room: € 125,00

in Gasthof HB
starting from € 139

Fee for person:

Multiple Room (3/4 beds): € 139,00

Double Room: € 149,00

Single Room (limited): € 169,00

in 3* Hotel HB
starting from € 159

Fee for person:

Multiple Room (3/4 beds): € 159,00

Double Room: € 169,00

Single Room (limited): € 189,00

in 4* Hotel HB
starting from € 179

Fee for person:

Multiple Room (3/4 beds): € 179,00

Double Room: € 189,00

Single Room (limited): € 209,00

starting from € 149

Fee for person:

Apartment (3/9 person): € 149,00

Extra Night

Fee for person:

Hostel: € 40,00

Gasthof: € 55,00

Hotel 3*: € 60,00

Hotel 4*: € 75,00


Participation in the soccer tournament with accommodation, according to the chosen package; Accommoda-tion for 2 nights in hotel or hostel; Free Entry to the Opening ceremony; Technical meeting for 2 team leaders with welcome drink; Entering all fields; Tournament brochure; Balls in all fields; Gadgets and me-dals for all athletes; Cups for 1°-2°-3° ranked; Participation prize from the 4thranked team on; Technical assi-stance and presence of Torneigiovanili.com staff in all fields; Medical assistance.

To register for a sport holiday, contact the TorneiGiovanili.com staff Each sport product follows a different but very simple registration method. In general, by clicking on the "Registration" button in the first part of the page, you can download the Registration Form and submit it completed. If the “Registration” button does not appear, then the process is different, and we invite you to complete the form "Ask us".
You can participate as a single player in sports camps. You can sign up with a group of friends to live together in training and strengthening ties in the field. You can not participate as a single athlete in sports tournaments, because you need a team that is part of a Sports Club. If you are an amateur (seniores), you can register your group without a reference Sports Club (informal group of players).
If you are a parent and you want to enroll your child in a sports camp, you can proceed with the registration as indicated for each sport camp. Concerning sports tournaments, it is necessary to coordinate with the Mister of your child's team. You can stay in the same accommodation of the team or select a separate structure.
It depends on the availability of a sports holiday. If you are willing to subscribe, you can contact us and ask if there are still available places.
It depends on the chosen sports holiday. In the “Fee” section of each sport holiday you will find all the information.
It depends on the chosen sports holiday. If it is a sports tournament, the name of the hotel is communicated 7-10 days before the start of the tournament. If it is a sports camp, the hotel structure is indicated in the information.
When registering, it is necessary to send the registration form via e-mail, together with a copy of the bank transfer of the deposit, which will be deducted from the final statement. The final balance must be paid within 30 days before the beginning the sporting event. In the reason of each payment indicated: Name of the Sports Club or Participant Athlete / Sports Event Name / Game Category All payments must be made by bank transfer to: 2erre Organizations snc IBAN CODE: IT24 T030 3202 0000 1000 0001 729 CREDEM Credito Emiliano - VENICE, San Marco 4107 SWIFT: BACRIT21307 We remind you that it is not possible to pay on the spot.
We are Tour Operators, so we can provide you with various additional services according to your needs. Do you want to do some sightseeing during your free time? You can organize them for you. Do you need a transfer on the spot because you arrived by plane? We have agreements with transport companies to offer. Do you want to extend your stay? Easy, ask us how many days do you want to extend your holiday and we will settle!

    1 coach per team travel for free; promo valid just for teams registered at least 90 days before start and with min.25 full paying pax. Discount calculated in multiple room fee.
    Can be combined with Early Booking or Winner Discount. Promos valid only for first payment within time limits.


    1 EXTRA PERSON FREE OF CHARGE with min.25 full paying pax; promo valid for team registered at least 60 days before start of the tournament. Discount calculated in multiple room fee.
    Promos valid only for first payment within time limits.


    1 PERSON FREE OF CHARGE in multiple room with min. of 25 full paying pax (26th pax for free).


    Children discounts (only if sharing room with 2 persons paying full price):
    – under 3 years old free;
    – under 6 years old in 3° and 4° bed, discount of -30%


    Discount of €250,00 for winners and €150,00 for 2° placed teams in a 2022/2023 TorneiGiovanili.com tournaments. Promo valid for groups with a min. of 25 pax.
    Cannot be combined with Early Booking Promo

  • U15 : 2007-2008

    11×11 / 2×20 min. / Loans: max 3 / Over age: max 2

  • U13 : 2009

    9×9 / 2×20 min. / Loans: NO / Over age: max 2

  • U12 : 2010

    9×9 / 2×20 min. / Loans: NO / Over age: max 2

  • U11 : 2011

    7×7 / 2×15 min. / Loans: NO / Over age: NO

  • U10 : 2012

    7×7 / 2×15 min. / Loans: NO / Over age: NO

  • U9 : 2013-2014

    5×5 / 2×15 min. / Loans: NO / Over age: NO


Sillian is the favorite destination for those who want to relax in contact with nature, but also do outdoor sports. Right here in fact there are two paths for hiking and cycling!
But the most exciting show of this resort is the green and lush nature, which explodes in beautiful colors in the summer. Nothing better than playing football surrounded by this nature!

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1 extra free every 25 full paying person + 1 coach travels for free!

Promo deadline:

2022/03/12 00:00:00


2 persons free of charge every 25 full – paying persons

Promo deadline:

2022/04/12 00:00:00

Last Edition

Football Fields
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